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Executive Chef
Jul 17, 2004
Feel free to edit your posts in this thread as you think this over.

1. A Corned Beef Sandwich (those over stuffed ones)
2. BBQ Ribs
3. Clam Chowder with Bacon
4. Blt with lots of bacon
5. Canned Corn Beef Hash
6.Stuffed Grape Leaves(lamb,beef,rice)
7. Swedish Meatballs with Mashed Potatoes
8. Roast Pork with Gravy
9. Smoked Sausage,Keilbasa,Kraut,and mashed potatoes be continued. Get the idea......edit it as you need to.....subtract ..or add. ....just keep workin on the list. I am curious what
we all come up with.

10. Deep Fried Chicken Livers and Gizzards
11. Prime rib....medium rare.
12. Crab Cakes
13. Gumbo
14. Fish & Chips
15. Fried Chicken
16. Beef Liver with Onions and Bacon
17. Fried Chicken Livers with Onions and Bacon
18. Lasagna
19. Kibbee
20.Fried Clams
21.Porterhouse Steak
22.Kentucky Fried Chickem
23.White Castle Hamburgers
24.Corned Beef Sandwich from the Bread Basket
25. Pizza


Chef Extraordinaire
Aug 31, 2004
Cleveland,Ohio USA
hmmm... lemme think

1) steak
2) ribs
3) pork chops
4) roast beef
5)pork roast w/ kraut
6) all of the above w/ mashed tatos
7) chili
8) lasagna
9) sweet italian sausage sandwiches
10) blt's
11) tomato soup w/ grilled cheese sandwiches


Master Chef
Aug 24, 2004
da 'burgh
1.)oysters on the half w/lemon and salt
2.)filet and a baked potato w/ sour creaam
3.)lamb rib chops, pepper-encrusted, and salad
5.)tuna steak and wilted early-pick baby spinach in garlic and olive oil
6.)homemade baked macaroni and cheese
7.)angelhair, parm. reg., olive oil, hot pepper flakes, salt and pepper, lots of garlic
8.)delmonico steak and baked potato
9.)crab legs
10.)crab cakes
12.)steak or chicken dinner salads w/ fries and mozzarella
13.)Dad's roast chicken
14.)my cornish game hens


Washing Up
Jun 26, 2004
Only 25?

Which gets "booted" whenever one of us meets with another and comes up with a regional delicacy that the guest has never experienced?

"Cooking" can be a wonderful world of learning, advancing or reaching confine to 25 things is just about "heartless", Bang!



Head Chef
Aug 25, 2004
Southeast, Kansas
25 top meals, that is a really hard one. Hmmm!

1. Lasagna
2. Spaghetti
3. Beef, Been and Cheese Burritos
4. Cheese and Onion Enchaladas
5. Broccoli and Cheese Soup
6. Potato and Cheese Soup
7. Reuben Sandwich
8. Chili Mac
9. Chef Salad
10. Pizza
11. Steak and Lobster
12. Oatmeal
13. Cream of Wheat
14. Tomato Sandwich
15. Mashed Potatoes w/Butter
16. Green Beans Cooked on low with Bacon and new Potatoes
17. Home-Made Macaroni and Cheese
18. Home-Made Chicken and Noodles
19. Beef tongue, Heart and gizzard
20. Turkey
22. Sweet and Sour Chicken
23. Chicken Salad
24. Potato Salad
25. Egg Salad

That was hard to think about

Pam Leavy

Senior Cook
Dec 13, 2004
This really is a tough one.

In no particular order:

1. Thai green curry
2. beef and bean burritos
3. spaghetti and meatballs like mom used to make
4. sushi (this isn't actually a meal, but a food)
5. grilled vegetables with loads of garlic (zucchini, peppers, onions, potatoes) This along with a steak is pure heaven

Will have to stop here and get ready for work. Has anybody ever told you this site is addicting?



Head Chef
Oct 24, 2004

1-sweet and sour shrimp.
2-chicken chow mein.
3-macaroni cooked in tomato,spinach and cheese sauce.
5-fried chicken.
6-roast chicken.
7-mashed potatoes with butter.
8-beef steak.
10-veggie and bean burritos.
12-cole slaw with sausages and black olives.
13-mince meat stuffed bell peppers.
14-egg rolls.
15-hummus with tahini.
16-onion rings.
17-chinese fried rice.

can i add desserts in the list? i love desserts! :)


Chef Extraordinaire
Sep 9, 2004
NoVA, beyond the Beltway
Some favorite combos, not in any order:

red beans and rice with ham hocks
meatloaf with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, peas
ham, cornbread, sweet potatoes
roast chicken, rosemary roasted potatoes, green beans
short ribs braised in red wine or beer over noodles, spring greens salad
shrimp etouffee over rice
pork chops simmered in chili sauce, onions, and wine over rice
prime rib, baked potato with butter/sour cream on side, butter lettuce and tomato salad


Washing Up
Aug 28, 2004
Eugene, Oregon
1. Grilled salmon w/wasabi, garlic, lemon zest; baked potatoe, asparagus
2. Grilled steak w/herbs & Garlic, mashed w/buttermilk, garlic,chives
3. Stuffed pork chop, au gratin potatoes and vegies
4. Baked herbed chicken, roasted pots w/herbs. salad
5. Prime rib w/Yorkshire Pudding, roasted pots, vegie
6. Grilled tuna w/herbs, rice pilaf, vegie
7. CHeese burger and fries w/Red Robin special BBQ for dipping
8. Fish and chips with cole slaw
9. Norwegian meatballs, mashed pots, cucumber/onion & vinegar
10. BBQ Baby backs, fries, cole slaw
11. Shrimp scampi, penne w/evoo and parmasean reggiano, salad
12. Shrimp coctail, rumaki, potatoe skins, baked brie, all appetizer meal
13. Ham and 2 cheese pinnini w/potatoe salad
14. Ham steak, au gratin pots, roasted delicatta
15. Roasted turkey like at thanksgiving
16. Beef Stroganoff, noodles, asparagus
17. Halibut broiled w/parmasean, zest and herbs, baked pots, vegies
18. Meat loaf, mashed and vegies
19. Eggs benedict with lox instead of Canadian bacon
20. Cheese encillada, chicken taco, black beans and fajita vegies
21. Nachos with everything and lots of guacamole and the dollop
22. Egg rolls, almond chicken
23. Tomatoe bisque soup with garlic toast and a cesar salad
24. Cobb salad
25. Lutefisk, meatballs, boiled/parsley pots, silt

Whew that was hard coming up with 25, I almost live everything and would probably include the 25 of everyone here. I like a variety of foods. Do not cook much with a crock pot as I live alone and do not like leftovers.


Chef Extraordinaire
Feb 21, 2002
North Carolina
In no particular order

1 sushi (it's gonna count as one of mine Pam! LOL)
2 chicken curry and spiced rice
3 basil oil, proscuitto, water-packed mozzarella, tomato, roasted red pepper panino
4 Texas pork ribs and sauerkraut
5 Korean style pork ribs
6 Ceviche - shrimp or scallop
7 beer butt chicken
8 a good steak on the grill
9 tender roast with carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms and mashed potatoes
10 big fat hot dog with saurkraut and beer mustard
11 extra rare hamburger with provolone, lettuce, tomato, and red onion
12 Huge meatballs made with ground beef, pork, and veal with spaghetti and a salad
13 mustard chicken, mashed potatotes, corn
14 crab cakes made with roasted red pepper puree

(more to come)


Assistant Cook
Sep 30, 2004
Wow BIG question here...but here goes
1. MAINE LOBSTER steamed, boiled, baked, or grilled
2. Lasagna
3. Baby back ribs (falling off the bone tender)
4. Roast pork (falling off the bone tender)
5. Rib eye or Strip Steak
6. Chowder (fish, clam, lobster, corn, southwest)
7. Sea Scallops the nice big ones
8. Steamed Clams
9. Steamed Mussels
10. Fresh Haddock
11. Turkey - good anytime of year
12. Pizza - Delivery preferred
13. Sausage Gravy Biscuts
14. BLT
15. Bacon and egg sanwich
16. Red Beans and rice
17. Beef Bourganion (sp)
18. Fried Chicken
19. Fried clams
20. Blue Cheese Burgers
21. Camping food (We eat GOOD when camping)
22. Appetizers for supper
23. Chili
24. French Onion Soup
25. Last but not least - Corn on the Cob


Master Chef
Sep 2, 2004
Sierra Valley, Northern California, USA
1. tacos
2. enchiladas
3. lasagna
4. taco salad
5. hamburgers with potato or macaroni salad and baked beans
6. kung pao chicken, egg rolls, pork chow mein
7. bulgogi
8. beef stew
9. Thai-style beef jantaboon
10. fried chicken, gravy, and mashed potatoes
11. lemon chicken
12. tri-tip
13. tostadas
14. spicy korean beef noodles
15. chili with cornbread
16. chicken piccata
17. Italian pasta salad
18. Chinese chicken salad
19. chile rellenos with refried beans
20. chile verde
21. ribbon meatloaf
22. Mexican spuds
23. Chinese pepper steak
24. Oriental meatballs
25. Green chile chicken enchilada casserole


Head Chef
Aug 25, 2004
1. Standing rib roast with Yorkshire pud.
2. Fried cured pork chops with red-eye gravy.
3. Fried Ipswich clams.
4. Baked stuffed lobster.
5. Raw cherrystone clams.
6. Fried cherrystone clams.
7. Fried razor clams.
8. Raw oysters.
9. Fried oysters.
10. Steamed Ipswich clams.
11. Lobster a'la Americaine.
12. Fried scallops.
13. Sashimi (hold the octopus, please).
14. Chicken mole.
15. Chicken pot pie.
16. Cassoulet.
17. Chicken fried steak.
18. Sauerbraten.
19. Roast duck.
20. Venison.
21. Sliders (White Castle hamburgers).
22. Rack of lamb.
23. Fingerling catfish (that I cannot get anymore).
24. Hamburgers made with home ground beef.
25. Anything anyone will cook for me.


Head Chef
Sep 18, 2004
New York
1. Lobster and crab legs
2. Lobster fixed any way
3. Cheeseburger and fries
4. Steak fillet with stuffed mushrooms
5. Chicken stuffed with goat cheese and spinach and then breaded and fried or baked (I'm not sure wich way it is done)
6. Horseradish crusted salmon
7. chicken tenders with honey mustard sauce
8. Nachos
9. Fried chicken with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese
10. Chicken Tikka Masala


Sous Chef
Dec 18, 2004
Body: Boston Heart: Mexico
1) Curried lentils. Its so simple and good!
2) Instant ramen with frozen vegetables. I cant get sick of it.
3) Red beans and rice with lots of Texas pete. Some sausage helps too.
4) Chipotle meatballs.
5) My stuffed cabage rolls on sourkraut.
6) Crazydoughs buffalo chicken pizza
7) Crazydoughs ruben pizza.
8) Bisteq ranchero.
9) Soft steamed tacos in a puddle of runny beans.
10) Fresh tamales.
11) freshly made tortillas.
12) Spicy eel sushi roll (the sauce is just garlic chili paste and mayo).
13) Cochinita pivil (crock pot pulled pork with chili, vinagre, orange juice and some other nice things)
14) A real heart attack inducing burger.
15) Sag paneer.
16) A good and greasy fresh made fried rice. Especialy Singapore rice noodle style.
17) Beer. What?!
18) Mole, especially when it has been doctored up with tortilla ash and Abuelita brand chocolate.
19) Soba noodles with a little green tea and a touch of soysace.
20) Rice noodles in rice vinager, imitation crab meat and cucomber slices.
21) Sticky rice with mango on it.
22) Meatloaf.
23) A big and hearty lasagna with plenty of vegetables in it.
24) Fresh garden salad with balsamic.
25) Every other dish out there.

Barbara L

Traveling Welcome Wagon
Apr 4, 2004
Somewhere, US
hmmmm Let's see... In no particular order:

1. Tostadas
2. Prime rib
3. Lasagna
4. Porcupine meatballs
5. Tuna noodle casserole
6. Meatloaf
7. Stuffed cabbage
8. Spanish rice
9. Chop suey
10. Corned beef and cabbage
11. Drunk chicken (marinated in sherry, with parsley)
12. Scalloped potatoes with ham
13. Liver and onions (only my own--I don't trust anyone else's!)
14. Lamb chops
15. Leg of lamb
16. Pork roast with applesauce
17. Beef stew
18. Pot roast with gravy, whole potatoes, carrots, and onions
19. Macaroni and cheese
20. Buffalo
21. Salad with lots of tomatoes and avocado, and bleu cheese dressing
22. Fried chicken
23. Country style ribs baked with sauerkraut
24. Barbecued short ribs
25. Enchiladas
25 1/2. Tamale pie
25 3/4. Ham and beans, with corn bread

Probably more to come!

:) Barbara

chez suz

Senior Cook
Sep 19, 2004
Not in any order:
1 Chicken Parmasean
2 Spaghetti and Meatballs
3 Brisket and Potato Latkas (mine)
4 Lamb Shanks (mine)
5 Short Ribs (mine)
6 Southern Fried Chicken (mine)...but open to try
7 Steamed Lobster
8 Veal Marsala
9 Grilled Veal Chop
10 T Bone on the grill
11 Hanger Steak w/french fries
12 Prime Ribs med rare, baked potato w/sourcream
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