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Fascinating! I agree completely that tips should be an expression of appreciation for good service!

On another message board I frequent (non-cooking), there was a long thread about tipping
in general. I was VERY surprised to see that most of the people there consider tipping to
be somewhat of a "required" part of life. Most of them always tipped at restaurants.. regardless
of the quality of service, and didn't lower the amount by more than 5%.
And WHO they tipped... Sonic car jockeys.... the trash takers... postal delivery person...
the list went on and on and on...
They felt that the workers made such a terrible wage that they HAD to tip. ppppft.

Not me. I've waited tables, and I know that even the mediocre waitpeople make a decent wage,
if the restaurant has steady clientele. And for other workers, well it's their job, why should I tip

I tend to write my displeasure on the credit card slip after I sign it, explaining why the tip was
low or non-existent.

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