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Talking Salpimentado (colorful mexican recipe)

I got this recipe from my mom, who is a great cook, I am mexican and so Im used to slow cooking, this recipe is traditional and very healthy, trust me, even your kids will eat the vegetables, all of my brothers do, and we are 9!


Serves 8.

3 Green Pumpkins cut in medium pieces
5 Large Carrots cut in medium pieces
3 Large potatoes cut in medium pieces
3/4 Chuck Beef in small pieces
1k Pork Ribs cut in small pieces
3 Cups Fresh coriander not cut.
1 Large bunch of finely cut coriander.
4 Spoons cinnamon
4 Spoons Black Pepper
4 Radishes
Olive Oil, to taste
Salt, to taste
1 Medium Onion finely Chopped
2 Avocados cut in four
2 Lemons cut in four

In a blender add 3 cups of water the 3 cups of coriander, cinnamon pepper and salt, blend for aproximately 30 seconds.
In a very large cooking pot add the water mix and then add more water till you fill up almost three parts of the pot, let boil and then add the pork ribs.
After ten minutes have passed ad the chuck beef, let the two meats cook, and when they are almost tender add the carrots and the potatoes.
When all of the ingredientes have cooked and are tender add the pumpkins and let them cook for aproximately five minutes, then turn the heat of and let rest while we do the second part.

In two small plates place the lemons and the cut avocados decoratively.
The in large plates put in a corner the chopped onion, and next to it the finley cut coriander and the radish, this plates are for the table, make sure they look nice and colourful.

Serve the salpimentado in large bowls and let your guests add as much ingredients as they want to the meal.
Then un cups serve the bouillon, this tastes very good by itself!
Buen Provecho!

If you squash everything with your fork adding the avocado and the other fresh ingredients, even though it loos kind of funny, tastes a whole lot better.
I also recommend you serve bread and butter also.
If you have some bouillon left save it and use it to cook your rice, believe me it changes the taste completely.

I hope you like it, send me your comments or check my blog if you like, it has a bit of everything, and I would love it if you shared your recipes with me.

courtesy of: http://jordyscorner.baboonsoftware.com

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