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Originally Posted by Steve Kroll View Post
The other tip he told me is to drizzle a little of this "Balsamic gold" (his words) on fresh strawberries or ice cream.
I've done that and it's a-maaaa-zing! I also have strawberry balsamic vinegar. I use that to macerate fresh strawberries, then grill or toast pound cake and top it with the strawberry-balsamic mixture
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bacon, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, recipe

Brussels sprouts, bacon, and mushrooms 1 pound Brussels sprouts, trimmed and cut in half (or quarters, if very large - I think that smaller is better when it comes to them, though) 1/4 to 1/2 bacon, depending on how lean it is (you need the drippings) and how bacon-y you like your foods 1/2 or more cleaned and sliced mushrooms (I've always used white button type, but you can use baby bellas) Garlic powder and dried tarragon* ************************************ Bring the pot of trimmed Brussels sprouts to a boil; continue to cook until barely tender. Drain and set aside. Cut bacon into small pieces and fry out until the meat gets a bit crispy; remove from pan and set aside. Saute mushrooms in bacon drippings. When done, remove from pan and set aside. Saute Brussels sprouts cut-side-down and sear until they start to caramelize a bit. Add back the mushrooms and bacon, and season to taste with the garlic powder. If you're using tarragon, pour it into the palm of one hand and crush until it's very fine dust. Add enough tarragon to give it the strength of flavor you like. ~ *[U]IF you do not like tarragon[/U], you can use any other herb of your liking. (I once used rosemary by mistake; it was still good, but not the flavor I was expecting. :huh: ) Continue heating until it's hot enough to serve. If you are making this in advance of a meal (and this dish is VERY good when made the day before you serve it), once you combine all the ingredients, remove from heat and put into a casserole dish, cool, then cover and chill until you need to reheat for the meal. Enjoy. :yum: 3 stars 1 reviews
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