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Red face Ohmpop

ohmpop is one of me and my boyfriedns favorite dinners. its a korean dish and its name is translated like it sounds so in other words we dont know the real spelling but it sounds like Oh-m-pop. its real easy to make....

this will make a meal for 2....

2 cups rice
1 tbs pure sesame seed oil
2 tbs soy sause
1 can of peas and carrots
4 eggs
onion to taste
(if you want you can add cubed peices of ham)

cook the 2 cups rice and the peas and carrots then put them together in a big pan on medium heat. you can put the onion or cubed ham or both if youd like in now. add the sesame seed oil and soy sause. mix it all up in the pan for 2 to 3 minuets then split it in two onto 2 plates.

i ushually wash the pan for the next step but you can use another one... get a bowel and mix 2 eggs together till scrambeled. put the pan on the stove on medium high. once the pan is about medium high heat put a little bit of oil or butter on the bottem of the pan and pour the 2 scrambled eggs in. you want it to make a large circle and let it cook for a few minuets. once you think its done take that circle scambled egg and put it ontop of one plate of rice. repeat with 2 more eggs for the second plate of rice.

now i think that ohmpop isnt ohmpop without ketchup ontop of the egg but some people like it diffrent. so add ketchup on top if youd like.

my boyfriends granmother makes ohmpop with bits of cubed ham so thats how we ushually eat it. or without if we forgot to get ham, but you can add whatever you want. get creative.... throw some chicken in there or somthing. its a really filling dinner but if you can find it and if your not too full pick up some boton rice candy and have a peice for desert! and yes you can eat the rapper.... just not the 1st plastic one. you can find it at giant in the international food section. anyway i hope someone trys this... its real good. if you do try it let me know what you think! thanks!!!

lets have a child we'll name her minny pearl
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