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Old 09-23-2006, 06:57 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by mudbug
Shunka, that's gotta be somebody with a lotta patience and a very sharp knife.
I think I remember reading once that they use a laser cutter. I certainly do not have the patience to do that! They sure are beautiful!

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I knew some friends that used to do similar (they did not make the ones I posted); they used tiny drills and a Dremel type tool. The pics before were sent by a friend over 3 years ago and I thought they were so beautiful that I have kept them on my computer.
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thanks alot people... wow those artisticly carved ostrich eggs are beautiful :WOW:

duck and turkey eggs definitely taste better than chicken eggs (i find white eggs too soft and bland).

I will try it when there are more people in my family seeing that it taste no different than chicken eggs i am not that eager to try it now, but i will try it just for the sake in trying
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Old 09-24-2006, 07:01 AM   #24
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Originally Posted by Seven S
RDG, ostrica in inglese non e ostrich, vuol dire oyster...
Oh,my God.....

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Old 11-18-2006, 04:52 PM   #25
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I was wondering where I might buy turkey eggs. I am in the New York City area. Any ideas?
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Just like chicken eggs, sort of!

I just returned from my daughter's wedding which took place at the Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse resort in Los Olivos, CA, where they have several ostriches and encourage eating the eggs. I am a fairly avid foodie and have managed to travel most of the world (thanks to the US Navy & 13 years in international banking), but have never tried an ostrich egg. Needless to say, I was determined to take advantage of this situation; I got some instructions from the Farm's caretaker and proceeded. First of all, they're huge - one ostrich egg is probably two dozen chicken eggs; second, you need to chip the end off with a hammer & screwdriver and it takes a knife to cut through the membrane; third, the "white" is far more viscous than a chicken egg and it takes some mighty shaking to get the whole lot out of the egg; finally, because the whit is so thick, it must be beaten far longer than regular eggs. The first morning I prepared an egg in a very normal manner: beat the egg with milk and scrambled it in butter with some added herbs. Now, since I had never tried an ostrich egg and it sounds somewhat exotic, I expected (and hoped) it would taste "exotic" (whatever that means). I was disappointed - it tasted like bland scrambled eggs ("EggBeaters" comes to mind). The next day, I tried another egg with sauteed peppers & onions and it was much better; it tasted like "EggBeaters' with peppers & onions, but at least it tasted.
If you need to feed an army, an ostrich egg might be an answer - but doctor it up!
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Old 04-19-2008, 06:35 PM   #27
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The carvings and pictures are beautiful!! DW heard of one guy that was a dentist and he used his dentist tools to make the carvings.
I might have the patiences to make pictures, but not to carve!! My daughter is a great artist, maybe I will see if I can somehow get a hold of a couple and have her decorate them up for Mothers Day.
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Originally Posted by Shunka View Post
I agree about goose and even duck eggs tasting a bit richer. Although as some have already pointed out, duck and goose eggs do seem a bit more rubbery (is there such a word? lol) if you fry them as you would a hen's egg. I do remember the first time we had turkey eggs, my Mom made a huge batch of pancakes and they were so very rich!!!!
I realize I am posting to an old thread. But eggs are the perfect protein, so they say, so . . .

I have tried chicken, duck, turkey and goose eggs. I have arranged them in the order in which I would 'qualify' the "flavor". My favorite is duck eggs and if I could find them regularly, they would replace chicken eggs for my two centvos.
Happy cooking, Marty.
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Smile ostrich omlette

An ostrich egg has more albumin/yolk ratio and for proper flavor add three chicken yolks to the ostrich egg. The taste is as a chicken omlette. I whip the egg, add to a liberally buttered saute pan, curl , ( alton brown technique) and before turning add diced ham , green onions, cheese and mushrooms with salt ,pepper, and canadian steak seasoning; then fold , cook further, turn to finish cooking. If a very large omlette microwave for 3-5 minutes to finish cooking. Do not over-microwave or it will be rubbery.
I prepare the above for eight . My family loves the production and unique experience. I cut a hole in the small end of the egg , aprx 1.5cm., with a diamond tip dremel . Keep the area of cutting wet to prevent shell dust . Remove the egg with a skewer or chopstick and after cleaning the empty shell present to a kid. I paid $10.00 plus shipping , The fun is worth the cost. bon apetit
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