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Exclamation Organ Donation

On this Thursday it will be one year since my FIL got his life saving kidney transplant. It was a miraculous day that have changed many lives for the better. My BIL will hopefully be getting the kidney transplant he needs within a year as well. I wanted to take this opportunity to urge everyone to become a donor if you have not already.

I used to be against the idea for a number of reasons. One was that I thought it was against my religion, which it turns out it wasn't. It is actually encouraged in my religion. The other reason was that I was nervous that if I were ever in an accident and was on the verge of death that the EMT would see I am a donor and not try as hard to save me so that my organs could go to someone in need. I now realize how ridiculous that thought really was.

I know another person who just got a life saving kidney transplant as well. She is a young mother of an adopted baby. She did not have much time left if she did not get a transplant. A notice was put in her temple newsletter hoping that someone would be generous enough to donate. As coincidence would have it a man went into the temple the day the newsletter came out to inquire about joining as a new member. As he left he was given the newsletter to take with him to read about some of the things going on there in the upcoming months. The man stuck the newsletter in his car without reading it and went off you have lunch with a friend. Over lunch the topic of organ donation came up and the man mentioned that that would be something he thinks he would like to do for someone if the opportunity ever arose. The man went home that night and read the newsletter and saw the notice of this woman looking for a kidney. He also saw she had adopted a baby. This man happened to have been adopted when he was young as well so he felt an instant connection to her. The man went for testing and it turned out he was a perfect match. They are both now recovering and both doing very well. Thanks to this mans generosity he saved a life and a little baby will grow up with her mother.

For anyone who has thought about being a donor, but never has taken the steps to do it, please consider it. These days you can usually even do it online in most states. Ceck out THIS SITE and become a donor today. It is the best gift you could ever give someone.


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I totally, totally agree. I have carried a donor card since i was 16. At first the idea really creeped me out - the idea of my organs being removed after i'd died, but as i learnt more about it, i saw more of the positive aspects of it and in my opinion, the best thing i can do when my organs no longer work to keep me alive, is to use them to give someone else the gift of life.

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I've been a future donor for about 40 years. If anyone can use my stuff after I'm done with it, good luck to them.
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I figure once I'm dead, please use every little bit of me in whatever manner is best.
I won't be needing me anymore, and (in my opinion), burying dead folks is an
outdated practice anyway.

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