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?? Sunday Special- "Protest-ations"

Monday saw a national day of protest on behalf of US immigrants..........
can you identify these famous, effective protests. By all means cheat whenever possible............................
1. More than 30 protesters were arrested for hanging signs and banners on the gates of the White House. Hunger strikes followed. More than 100 were jailed, but within a few years, they'd gotten a Constitutional amendment that favored their cause, that became the law of the land in 1920. What was the subject of this quite successful protest?
2. This protest at the 1968 Miss America pageant began the American tradition of protest for what social change?.............................
3. And quite a protest it was, too! a live sheep was crowned, placards waved, hecklers heckling from the balcony, etc. what widely reported act actually did NOT take place on the boardwalk outside the pageant?
4. The same year, 1968, saw a massive political protest, with hundreds of demonstrators beaten, arrested and jailed. Even some journalists suffered the wrath of the city' police............what city, and what event ??
5. match the name of the riot with the place associated with it........
1. Lager Beer
2. Zoot Suit
3. Whiskey
4. Brothel

a. Western Pa. 1794
b. Boston, 1737
c. Los Angeles, 1943
d. Chicago, 1855
6. At the time, it was the largest demonstration ever seen in Washington DC, and one of the first to receive extensive television coverage. What year was the "march on Washington", and who was the key-note speaker?
7. At a demonstration on October 15, 1965, a young Catholic Pacifist, David Miller, was the first to perform this act against a recently-passed law making it illegal. He ultimately served two years in jail for doing it; what did he do?
.1. Women's suffrage, which led to the 19th amendment.
2. Women's Liberation
3. Though widely reported, there was no Bra-Burning on the boardwalk.
4. Democratic Convention- Chicago
5. .... 1. - d
2.- c
3.- a
4.- b
6. 1963 - Marin Luther King
7. Burned his Draft Card

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” – Adelle Davis
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