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Improvised cookware

a couple years back we were doing a clambake for my mom's birthday, and forgot the grate to grill the steaks. after a little searching we gave up on it.

i started looking around, and found a nice flat rock. we started a fire on it and let it get smoking hot. we then cleaned it off and dropped the steaks right on it. they came out awesome.

i cant post a link yet, but the recipe is on Culipedia.

Forrest Lyman
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Great idea! If I ever went anywhere that didn't have a fully equipped kitchen (which I wouldn't) that would come in handy!

BUT if I'm ever lost in the woods (because a piece of cheesecake went in and I ran in after it) I will know how to cook a nice squirrel steak.

Seriously, though, that is a clever idea. Very resourceful. Thanks for sharing and welcome to DC!! I promise I won't be a wiseguy every time!
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Great idea!
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Great idea. Buck and I used to camp all the time. One time, after making a particularly "goopy" dish in a piece of our cast-iron, I discovered I was without a scrub pad to clean it.

I improvised and use the eggshells (crushed up) from part of the meal to scrub out the pan. They worked great and I've been doing that ever since, even at home.

Necessity is a...mother. Of invention, that is.
"As a girl I had zero interest in the stove." - Julia Child
This is real inspiration. Look what Julia became!
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Old 05-24-2008, 03:09 AM   #5
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I love hot bread when camping. In order to have it when back packing. I had to come up with a way to take a dutch oven that was for one and light enough to carry.

Campmore has a pot set (Sierra) with a 3 and a 6 cup, flat lid tops, pot set. I got the drain pan out of a K-mart grease pot and use that upside down in the 6 cup pot. Put my bread in the 3 cup pot. The 3 cup pot goes into the 6 cup pot and the lid put on. I use either use my stove or coals to make a good sized biscuit.

I can not stand rice that has been boiled. Always turns into a lump of starch on me! I found a Zebra pot with a stainless steel wire insert. Now I steam my rice to perfection. 1/2 cup rice steamed comes out to 1 cup of cooked rice and no sticking problem. I have even been cooking my rice and dehydrating it for later use. Either way I have great rice when I am out in the wilds of suburbia.

GSI makes a doubler boiler pot set. I have used this to reheat left overs and to melt cheese for a out in the wilds fondue! It makes a great Holidays Sauce for Eggs Benedict also!

As you can see even when backpacking, I will be eating well!

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What a great idea fL. Thanks and welcome to DC.

JillBurgh, you're a kick in the pants. Keep it up. I love it. Thanks.
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