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Baklava - Help!

Hello everyone!

I seriously need help, I feel defeated.

The first time I made baklava following an online recipe, it was absolute perfection. After repeating the same process and exact same ingredients, my baklava has the strangest, awful taste.

I firstly put pistachios, almonds and walnuts in a blender. Convert this to a bowl and add the cinnamon powder. I then melt unsalted butter in a pan and grease my deep baking tray and add the first layer of asda packaged phyllo pastry. Butter. Add another layer. Butter. Add another layer. I then sprinkle the nut mixture over the pastry, later again with phyllo on top and butter. I repeat this process until it has about 5 layers of nuts and finish by adding 4 layers of buttered phyllo on top. It then goes into the fridge for 20 mins to harden so I can score this easily before putting in the oven, I then put this in the oven at 170 degrees for 1 hr 15 mins. Whilst this is cooking, I prepare my syrup by adding 400ml of water to 150g of granulated sugar and some lemon zest. Like any other syrup. Nice and sweet.

Now this is where is is simply strange, as I take my baklava out of the oven to add the syrup, the strange *musty* smell starts to come out. As I pour the syrup over, it only enhances this smell. It is a little like slightly melted rubber with a hint of cinnamon. I know it sounds strange, itís the strangest smell that I cannot put my finger on as to why I canít detect which ingredient or process is causing this. When you taste and smell it, Its as if the baklava has been sat out for 4 weeks and has gone slightly musty and off. It leaves a really musty aftertaste in your mouth. Iíve changed the butter to ghee, added powdered sugar to the nut mix to sweeten it up, took the cinnamon stick out of the syrup process and itís still the same.

PLEASE! If anyone has any suggestions at what this could be, because itís defeated me from making my favourite dessert. Could it be the nut quality? The cinnamon powder roasting a nut it shouldnít be paired with?! These are all fresh ingredients, I might add.


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Welcome to the forum!

I'm not sure what would cause the musty smell maybe the nuts, as you guessed. But one possible mistake that I noticed early on was your use of the the butter - all recipes of Baklava that I have made called for clarification of the butter. This gets that 20% watery liquid out of it, to prevent the phyllo from getting soggy. But that is not going to cause a musty flavor - that is going to be one of the ingredients, most likely nuts.
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I agree. The nuts are probably moldy.
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Welcome to the forum, Emilyrose. I would try roasting a small portion of the nuts and see if that gives the musty smell. If that doesn't, then maybe check the phyllo pastry.
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Originally Posted by Andy M. View Post
I agree. The nuts are probably moldy.

+1, I'd especially would be weary of pistachio.
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I ) agree with everything everyone else has said, Ghee is clarified butter and can often be found in supermarkets. Nuts are rich in oil. Those oils are susceptible to oxidation. Ever rat an old walnut, or peanut? The oxidised oil in them gives a horrible flavor. Old pistachios are probably the source of the off-flavor in you Baklava.

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almonds, butter, cinnamon powder, lemon, other, phyllo pastry, pistachios, syrup, walnuts

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