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Old 01-31-2005, 05:18 PM   #1
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Electric stove top... what's the best cookware?

In addition to be on the hunt for the right "immersion blender" I am looking to replace some of my cookware pieces. I have an electric stove top with removable (for cleaning purposes) surface elements. I was thinking that copper core cookware, like All Clad, might be best for my kind of cooktop since copper apparently conducts heat so well, and particularly because, when I use a large pot, or my oval shaped Le Creuset pot, I have to shift it periodicallyl for even cooking! Any comments on this? I know this cookware is exceptionally expensive, but it's being given to me as a gift if I choose to go with it!

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I too now have an electric cooktop. Previously, I had gas. My pots are Revereware and although of good quality, they don't work all that great on the flat electric cooktop, as they jiggle around a bit and it's annoying. Food does cook fine tho'. My fry pans/saute pans, are flat bottom and I like them. I'm not all that excited about replacing the pots, as they are in great condition, but with the electric cooktop, I now know flat bottom pots would be the way to go. I may just start getting them one at a time, starting with the sizes I use most often. I, personally, am not terribly impressed with the idea of copper bottom pots. I think the heat conduction thing might be over rated, and they do require a lot of care to keep them looking nice. If I ever got them, I would probably want to have them hung on a ceiling pot rack, mostly for the "look", rather than for their function. Happy cooking.
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First of all, All-Clad has an aluminum core, not copper.

Second, read my comments in http://www.discusscooking.com/viewtopic.php?t=8308 for the best cookware, in my opinion, and where to get it.
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Originally Posted by Caine
First of all, All-Clad has an aluminum core, not copper.

Caine ... having a brain fart, my friend? :D

There are different lines of All Clad. Most have an aluminum core, but one has a copper core. It's called, strangely enough, "Copper Core." They also sell a copper clad, aluminum core line, called "CopRChef."

That said, copper is great, but not necessarily BECAUSE you have an electric stove.
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Old 02-01-2005, 11:39 AM   #5
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All Clad has "copper core" cookware. It's got a copper ring around the outside for decorative purposes. I have already purchased one piece. You can find it on Williams Sonoma. com
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Gee, you seem to be making all the same decisions I had to make three years ago. At the time I bought a new range and decided on smooth top electric .... and had a kitchen full of much-loved, much-used Revere. I replaced it with Sitram and have been very happy with it. It was less expensive than other pans that look just like it. After all those Revere years, it took awhile to get used to the residual heat you have with the much, much heavier bottoms. It's funny that you don't see Sitram that much in catalogs and such any more (Chef's used to carry it) and never on American cooking TV shows, but it shows up quite often on European cooking shows. But any set with a nice, heavy, very flat bottom will do you well, and do away with the Revere Ware Dance.
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