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Yet another cast iron question (refinishing)...

Hey everybody, I have a cast iron skillet that we inherited recently and i was so excited to get it! I seasoned it and noticed that the finish on the bottom (inside) of pan was quite uneven. The season didn't "hold" at all and part of the skillet is well seasoned while part of it is bare iron. So, I decided to redo the whole skillet... I cannot get all of the old season off! Is it okay to use steel wool in this situation? It's on there so good that I would almost need to chisel it off! Anyway, I looked through all the previous cast iron threads and didn't really see anything about refinishing a cast iron pan and could really use some help.

Thanks in advance!!!

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Steel wool will work, but there is an easier way. Pour some amonia into a glass bowl, put your skillet in a large, plastic garbage bag, outside the home of course, like in the back yard. Place the bowl of amonial into the bag with the pan, and secure the bag with a twist-tie. Let sit overnight, or all day. After 8 - 12 hours have elapsed, remove the pan and you will find that the old , cooked-on coating comes off almost with a paper towel. At this point, fire up the grill, coat the pan inside and out with a film of shortening, and place in the covered barbecue. Let bake for an hour or until the pan quits smoking. Let cool and wipe the inside with a light coating of oil. Your pan is now ready for use.

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Thanks Goodweed, I need to do that with a few of my castiron skillets. I will wait until this spring tho.
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You can also unseason a skillet by running it through the self cleaning cycle of your oven.
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