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TexasTamale 01-03-2006 10:05 PM

A Chuckle for U...I hope:)
https://www.discusscooking.com/attach...917ca2021c.gifLive & Learn Lessons:lol:
A preacher goes to a nursing home to meet an elderly parishioner. As he
is sitting there he notices this bowl of peanuts beside her bed and takes
one. As they talk, he can't help himself and eats one after another.
By the time they are through talking, the bowl is empty. He says,
"Ma'am, I'm sorry, but I seem to have eaten all of your peanuts."
"That's okay," she says. "They would have just sat there. Without my
teeth, all I can do is suck the chocolate off and put them back."

A waitress is explaining to a guest in the restaurant that the specialty
of the day is calf tongue in beautiful port wine sauce. The guest shakes
his head and says, "I don't want anything that comes from an animal's
mouth, just give me some eggs."

:tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:

Dove 01-04-2006 12:24 AM

Make mine scrambled with cheese please..

texasgirl 01-04-2006 09:16 AM

She would have gotten every peanut back:lol: :rofl:

Piccolina 01-04-2006 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by texasgirl
She would have gotten every peanut back:lol: :rofl:

:sick::lol: I think you might be right!

Thanks Texas, I really, really needed a chuckle right now :mrgreen:

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