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ballnchain 04-27-2008 04:49 PM

Cheap American knives
Does anyone know anything about Cutco or Presidents choice knives? I sold Cutco for a very brief time when I was in junior high and still have and use a few of the knives. I use the 24cm chef and the 7cm paring daily. I was also givin a Presidents Choice 18cm santoku a little while ago. It's made of X55 V14 and holds an edge very well. Both of these knives are fairly in-expensive but work extremely well. Any thoughts?

kitchenelf 04-27-2008 04:55 PM

You might want to do a word search in the Knife Forum - use the advanced feature. Search for Cutco and President using the Title Only feature if you want to further refine the search. You might come across some that you cannot access anymore because people were trying to sell them here.

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