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Alix 11-04-2009 10:22 AM

Good News/Bad News
You ever have those days when every good thing seems to be accompanied by one bad thing too?

Today I get my new washer. (Fanfare please!) We got an amazing deal because the initial washer I priced out was sold out when we went to purchase it so the salesman gave us the next model up for the same price! WOOHOO! And then it was available for immediate delivery so we get it today after 6pm!

Bad news...daughter came home from school yesterday feeling crappy. I feel crappy too. Phooey! I think we are both battling a flu bug. We are feverish and coughing. Blech. Mine seems to have settled down a bit but she is still weak and not well at all.

So I'll have to muster up the energy to go and wipe down the house so we don't infect the poor delivery guys!

Still...YAY on the washer!

Anyone else have the good news/bad news kind of days too?

Claire 11-04-2009 12:13 PM

How funny. I was just about to start a "good way to start the day" line, so I'll start with good and keep my fingers crossed for the rest of the day on bad. I went to pick up my husband's prescription. I looked at my cost share and told the cashier to hold off on ringing it up, it had to be a typo. $.09. It should be $9.00. She said it didn't look right to her, either, so I went back to talk the the pharmacists. He and his assistance were all laughing. "No, it is right. It didn't look right to me either, so we called Tricare and even the manufacturer to make sure it was right. Nine cents it is." I live in a small town and didn't want someone to be stuck for the $8.99 they accidentally undercharged me. So I've had my "good thing," but fate owes me $8.99 worth of bad!

Alix 11-04-2009 02:28 PM

Good news - washer delivery was early!
Bad news - washer delivery was early!

I'm definitely under the weather so when I got the call that the washer was coming early I had to kick it into gear and move some furniture, undo hoses etc...

But in the end, the washer is in place! I'm too freaking tired to move anything back or even play with it now. LOL.

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