2024 Good Friday 3/29/2024 & Easter 3/31/2024 Plans/Menus

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Apr 5, 2009
This menu isn't set/finalized yet. May still change.

Good Friday

Shrimp Cocktail and cocktail sauce
Matlaw's Clams Casino
Linguine with white clam sauce
Niçoise Salade
Garlic Bread

Easter Sunday


Colored eggs
Italian Easter Meat Pie (Pizzagaina)
Sweet Pie


Stuffed Artichokes
Stuffed Mushrooms


Lamb Pan-Gravy
Mashed Potatoes


Mini Cheesecake 6 inch
Cherry pie topping
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Good Friday brings back memories of Hot Cross Buns. I made them last year for the first time, they turned out quite well.
We have different Easter specialities in Italy and the Friday before Easter isn't a national holiday like it was in the UK. It's just called Holy Friday, and we can't eat meat. The national holidays are Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.
Good Friday will probably be fried fish or shrimp from the deli with cabbage salad and a few French fries.

Holy Saturday will probably be pizza and a salad.

Easter will depend on the weather.

If it’s warm I’ll probably make a small potato salad with a ham steak and something lemony for dessert.

If it’s cold I ‘ll probably make a small cauliflower or potato gratin, asparagus, and ham steak.

I have some pickle juice that I’ve been saving for a few pickled eggs.
Is today Good Friday? Shows you how much I pay attention to the calendar.

I have meatloaf in the oven right now, so that will be supper. As it's the end of the month, I need to go grocery shopping so I'm not sure what the next couple of days' meals are going to be. But I have 4 cans of pinto beans, tostadas, and cheese and a recipe for refried beans, so that may be dinner for the next couple of days till I figure out a menu for next month.
OK, then! To be honest, I don't even know for sure what I'll be having tomorrow let alone at the end of the month. LOL

Thank you for letting me know though. So....forget having the meatloaf for Easter. I'm having that tonight.
I mentioned fondue with friends. I'm making a broth fondue. Does anyone have a TNT recipe for a broth? I have one that is tasty but feel I could do better. Also, some ideas about what I should add as dippers? I thought beef and chicken. Also some tortellini. Has anyone used canned quail eggs? Thoughts on them? Other thoughts about dippers?
Right now, if the weather permits, I'm planing to smoke a brisket point. The point is the fattier end of a whole brisket. I already bought it, and it is vacuum sealed in the freezer. It is USDA Prime. Traditional Central Texas Dalmatian rub -- kosher salt and black pepper only.

I might make a batch of Lockhart's potato salad, too.

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I'll probably bake our traditional Pastiera Napoletana, a delicious Easter dessert. For those of you who have never heard of it, it's a pie made with shortcrust pastry, filled with the following ingredients:
ricotta cheese
whole eggs beaten together with sugar
grano cotto (precooked wheat sold in jars), cooked in milk with a knob of butter and lemon zest, until you end up with a creamy wheat mixture.
vanilla essence
candied citron, chopped
orange blossom water essence
powdered cinnamon

As for lunch/dinner, it will be fish-based (no meat on Good Friday for Catholics here), probably spaghetti with a "frutti di mare" sauce (seafood), and other fishy dishes.
As I said, I baked my Pastiera Napoletana.

The small one's for mum and dad, the bigger one's for us😉


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I've got everything set up to smoke my brisket, and plan to make my tater salad tonight, so it can sit in the fridge overnight. The weather is supposed to be a little cloud, but no rain. (y)

A bit off-topic, but I ordered some things from Amazon today, and when I checked out, the delivery date was tomorrow -- Easter Sunday! I hope those employees working tomorrow get paid a lot of extra money... although I rather doubt they will.

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