8/28/2019 - National Red Wine Day Dinner

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Going to try a recipe I took from ATK - Chicken Vesuvio. Chicken thighs and yukon gold potatoes pan roasted with garlic and herbs and a pan sauce.
Dad had salmon, broccoli, salad. Mom had leftover hotdish, broccoli, and a brownie. Me, I don't eat after 3:00 p.m. I just cook for the Elders.
Had the little guy until 5:30 and wore us both out playing catch. :LOL: Threw together a huge taco salad after he got picked up....hit the spot. :yum:
When larry asked about a Spanish Omelet, it got me to remembering a sauce my MIL would make. She called it "Spanish Sauce". It strongly resembled a recipe on "thespruceeats": Simple Sofrito Recipe. I tweaked it to resemble Mom's recipe by using a green bell pepper instead of the Anaheim, and shaking in some Tabasco sauce instead of using paprika. I also added stuffed green olives, one thing that she did that took the sauce over the top for me. I think next time I'll try it with Anaheim peppers.

I made a batch of Mom's Spanish Sauce today. Served it over scrambled eggs and along side bacon, sausage, and fried potato cubes.

I had leftover cast iron chicken tenders, so I made more tacos. I just don't get tired of tacos.

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