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OMG yes. You would LIVE for Saturday morning cartoons. Bugs and the gang, Smurfs, Land of the Lost (not a cartoon, but still), old Woody Woodpecker, Superheros (but I don't remember the real name...Superman, Wonderwoman, etc)...ahhh, to be a kid again.
I was 19 when the 80's ended.

I was 23 at the time....

I remember a lot of that, but again, graduating in '84, I was, like, totally 80's.
fer shure.

I think I'll go get out my copy of Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure again.
I hear something is afoot at the circle-K.

If ONLY I had photos of when I had big fuschia hair.
I'm still so much a Back to the Future fan...I could watch that all the time. And Grease, but that was in 1978 so that doesn't count.
middie said:
Another one that was huge but not a cartoon... Kidd Video. Remeber that ?

I actually had to look that up for one of my, ahem, younger '80s urchin friends. She remembered it but couldn't remember the name. I didn't remember it at all.:LOL:
You can get them for as low as $20 in places. It's comical trying to play it on a monster modern TV. I have a 55" widescreen and it's just plain goofy.
ooooooooooooh...Atari 2.....
We had pong for the longest time & finally got cool when we got the first Atari, played, of course, on my parent's portable color TV (which had rabbit ears)

I think that may have been around the time we got our first microwave. Now that was fascinating.
I remember picking up our first microwave at Sears. That thing must have weighed 100 lbs. That's back when they made counters in new houses known as "microwave counters" so that you would have a nook to store it in.
Ah yes, the nook.

And, I remember asking if TV dinners could go in the new microwave so we wouldn't have to wait an hour to eat them. Mom laughed and said that would never work, since they had foil trays.

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