A 3 pound Dry-Aged Wagyu Rib Roast for 138.98 ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Expensive but you get a free jar of horseraddish and sauce. I do not understand this, even prime meat is not that expensive. Anyone planning to buy it?
That meat better cure cancer and lower cholesterol at those prices! Ever hear of Kobe beef? Something like $120 per lb because the cows are hand massaged throughout their entire life and the meat is supposed to be extremely tender. I'm sure it's good but not $120 good!
horseraddish sauce is 6.95 for a 7 oz jar. At least that is cheap.

me too bangbang, me too.
DC, I think this Wagyu beef is Kobe beef. I can't remember which one is the more specific name...but same deal I think.
crewsk said:
I think I'll go for the big 14 pounder for $548. :roll:

Inviting us for dinner crewsk? I will bring champagne for this one. Think they would reverse their offer, by the horseraddish and get the blinkin roast free? Do you have to pay postage too?
But for 1032.98 they can send you 8 48oz porterhouse steaks.

it is only 14.98 for a single pound of hotdogs.

for 114.95 they can sell you a 22-24 pound fresh turkey
If you've got the bucks to buy American bred "Kobe" beef ... go for it! It might be the same breed as "Kobe" - but is it fed beer, massaged, and treated better than a wife - like true Kobe beef? Actually - for me ... I'll just buy a select grade standing rib and lard it.

To read about Wagyu - go here: http://www.cattle-today.com/Wagyu.htm

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