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First "dive in" to the air fryer and am very pleased. The first thing I did was to reheat some leftover breaded catfish we had for supper on Wednesday. Perfect result. Nice and crispy, just like it came out of the skillet. Then I cut up a HUGE russet potato to make fries. Again, perfect. I think I'm going to really like this appliance!

Cool. Do you mind telling us what you did to make the fries?
Masterchef Australia's season 14 episode 29 featured cooking with airfryer.
Although it's just a washed up show, there could be something to learn about cooking in air fryers.
That is, a high-quality product after the air fryer. Saves money compared to conventional ovens and cooks faster than ovens, requiring less cooking time for ready meals. I would say this size is 25L, I use it to cook for a large family of mine. My kids absolutely love the smell of air fried food

The most important thing is safety, my favorite is that the hysapientia can be a good match to your home outlet. Open the oven door halfway through cooking and it will automatically power off. This reassures me.

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