All-Clad vs Calphalon

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Aug 6, 2010
Looking for some 3-ply stainless skillets and small (4 quart or so) sauce pots to complement my cast iron stuff for when I use more acidic ingredients.

I'd love to get All-Clad, but it is just too much for me right now, unless I buy maybe 2 pieces.

I have a Calphalon outlet near me and they have everything I need for an average of $35 per piece.

Anyone else use Calphalon? What do you think of it?

I have Calphalon non stick pieces and I can not say enough good things about them. I have All-Clad for my SS and i love them too. If I were looking to get excellent pans without spending a fortune I would be more than happy to get Calphalon. Their customer service is very good too. My non-stick pans have a lifetime warranty. I sent one pan back after 5 or 6 years because the non-stick coating was coming off. They sent me a brand new pan no questions asked.
I have a Calphalon tri-ply 3.5-Qt. saute pan with lid. I bought it as an intro piece for $30-$35 and I think it's flawless. I would expect all of Calphalon's tri-ply products to be equally good performers and wouldn't hesitate to go with them.

I also have All-Clad, Tramontina, Kirkland and LeGourmet Chef tri-plys that work great. You have lots of options.
if you have a calphalon outlet near you and they have their triply at a good price, go for it. sometimes you'll see some stuff on line but add shipping etc and you haven't saved over a nearby outlet.
Add my name to the list!! I would not hesitate to buy Calphalon Tri-Ply...I have a couple of pieces and they perform as well as my All-clad....I also enjoy the Tramontina line of Tri-ply..It's a great value!!
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