An Ethiopian Recipe for Doro Wot aka Chicken Stew

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Feb 16, 2013
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I remember someone asking for something Ethiopian not too long ago. One of the bloggers (LinsFood) I sometimes browse had this recipe up for Doro Wot.
the spices are way beyond my ken - that's for sure! :-p
but I hope this helps ... whoever!
Pepper you might be interested as she gives her recipes for the different spice mixes and they look as if they are right up your alley!
Ethiopian Doro Wot
I like doro wot!
I used to travel to Ethiopia quite often and that and tibs were my favourites
I just spatchcocked a chicken and I'm using berbere spice and nothing to do with doro wat and about to slip onto the BBQ. :D
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I made the Doro Wot from Milk Street one time, which I remember had a dozen or so cloves of garlic. I didn't know what that niter kibbeh was, but it's just a spiced ghee, which is basically what Milk Street had, with a bunch of onions and that garlic, and that half cup of berebere I made. Definitely a good dish!

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