Angus vs. "Regular" Beef

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May 10, 2002
Edmonton, Alberta
I don't see a big price difference here, but I live in beef country. If I'm in Save On Foods, I buy Angus beef because that's what they've got. Its tasty. If I am in Safeway I buy whatever they've got...also tasty. Best beef is from the farm though.

The difference I notice is that Angus beef is better marbled. If you are careful about your meat purchasing though, you can get other beef that has excellent marbling. I don't notice a flavor difference though.


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Jun 13, 2011
Never had angus that I liked. Below is a pic of the type of beef I like. Had angus at a steakhouse last night . When I was offered a variety of dipping sauces, I suspected the worst; and my suspicions were confirmed.

Nice Porterhouse, huge fillet on that one. Unfortunately that is one of the first two steaks off of the Shortloin. The fillets are huge on the first two cuts but the top part or Strip, as you can see, is full of gristle. Better to opt for the next steak into that loin where the Strip leans out and the fillet is still full.


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Jan 2, 2011
Rural Ottawa, Ontario
The best beef is definitely from the farm. Before I hit a financial downturn, I used to buy a side of beef from a friend every fall. Oh, those tenderloins...melt in your mouth. It also depends on how long the meat can age. In Ontario, the provincial government (that would be Dullnut) changed the regs so the beef could only hang for 14 days. There was a definite difference between the beef that could age for 21-24 days and what we got the next year that was aged for 14-16 days (the most number of days my friend could stretch it--the inspector comes once/week).

Oh--I hope I can be in the financial position to buy a side of beef this year and have the freezer space for the same.

BTW, I prefer "Phyllis' beef" <g>.
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