Anyone have an iPad?

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Jul 14, 2004
Does anyone here have an iPad? Which food related apps do you have? What about other apps that you like?
Is that your newest toy GB? My uncle loves his. I'm still thinking about one. I'll be following this thread with some interest now.

Oh, and my favorite app for the iPhone (which I suspect is also on iPad) is Talking Carl. Makes me laugh out loud all the time.
Yeah my DW got it for me for my birthday. I am loving this thing. The potential for cooking and food related stuff is huge. I can imagine a cookbook with full color photos and videos of every step with links to all the ingredients and info one them like where to buy (or even links to online stores to buy right there) other interactive stuff.

I just searched on both my iPad and iPhone for talking Carl but did not see it anywhere in the app store.
I could play with him for hours. And the kids LOVE him. You can pull his mouth open really wide and squish him too. He is excellent for mindless entertainment.
I am seriously considering the Samsung Galaxy pad. It's a bit smaller and I love the Android OS (and particularly like the fact that it is open source code).
The iPad came in very handy for me last week. DD was not feeling well and was on school vacation so I took her into work with me for the day. She read books, watched movies, colored, played games, wrote a book and did all sorts of other things on it for much of the day. It kept her completely busy which let me get my work done.
I was just wondering about iPads and such.
Where do they fit in with Kindle's? And for that matter, where do they fit in with smart phones (I have a Motorola Droid) and laptops? Is something looking to get phased out, or are they a missing link type device, like a link between a smallish smart phone and a "bulky" laptop?
pacanis, an iPad is exactly what you describe as the perfect blend between a laptop and a smart phone. It is really a giant iPhone.

As for how it relates to Kindle, well you can get a Kindle app for your iPad and you can read and download books same as you would on a Kindle. I'm not sure what the battery power is.

GB, do they come with a built in network or do you have to access the Net via a wireless signal?
I have a kindle as well as my iPad. Even though I have no used my kindle since getting my iPad I still think there is a place for the kindle. For short reading (30-60 minutes) the iPad is fine, unless it is outside in the sun or somewhere with a lot of glare. The kindle is excellent for outside and for longer reading. The iPad is much bigger and heavier than the kindle and you can not really easily read with one hand which is a big thing for me. I like to lie on the couch with an arm under my head and read that way. That is simple with the kindle, but a challenge for the iPad. Battery life for the kindle far surpasses the iPad too. We are talking apples and oranges. At home this is not a big deal, but when traveling it is.

I would say the iPad is a missing link sort of device. I do not use my iPhone as much as I did before, but I do still use it for many things. Some things are just better suited for the iPad. Cooking is a prime example. I have all my recipes on both iPhone and iPad. When I cook using a recipe I use one of those. With my iPhone I have to constanly scroll to see the next step. With the iPad everything usually fits on one page. I have the wifi only version of the iPad though so when I am out wiout wifi the iPhone is my Internet connection.
Alix, they have two versions,wifi only wifi and 3G. For 3G there is a monthly charge (but no contract). Wifi does not have any charges other than the initial cost of the iPad.
Alix, they have two versions,wifi only wifi and 3G. For 3G there is a monthly charge (but no contract). Wifi does not have any charges other than the initial cost of the iPad.

That's what I thought. Just like the Kindle, the cheap one needs WiFi and the expensive job has it all! (Did I mention I got my Kindle for my birthday?)
Are you able to retrieve a book that you have already paid for and read, or is the memory that large that they are all saved on the Kindle?
Both. The kindle can hold thousands upon thousands of books, but you can delete them from the device and download them again as they are saved on Amazons servers.
I got the poor man's ipad or the poor man's iphone, the ipod touch (lastest generation). Since I got the ipod I've been using my netbook and laptop less. I'd like to get the ipad, but probably not til next year. By then they're have the ipad 2.
I bought one for my sister for Christmas, but all she has ever tells me is, I read another book, lol. I don't really know the inner workings of it.
I think I'll pick one up for myself. I don't think I have the need for an iPad, especially if they are lacking in the reading capabilities, but a Kindle would be nice.

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