Anyone know what a "scoter steak" is?

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Sep 13, 2010
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I buy most of my meat from local sources, through Lufa Farms. They are selling something called "scoter steak". It's some cut of beef that is best for braising / low and slow cooking. Can anyone tell me what cut of beef that is? Or where on the animal it is found? Does anyone have any experience with this cut?
According to google, it's a cut from the shoulder or chuck area. I have had experience with chuck roasts but not specifically with scoter.
Like Andy - this is what I found - sounds like it is a 2 part piece of meat...

from google:
Scoter is a piece from the shoulder of the beef. It consists of a tender piece that can be grilled, like bavette steak, and a firmer, more fibrous piece that needs to be braised. As a fairly economical choice (the price is similar to a chuck roast), scoter is sold in supermarkets and butcher shops.

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