Bar Mitzvah luncheon

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Belle Rita

Assistant Cook
Nov 18, 2009
I think this is where I got some help a few weeks ago. I wrote that I was catering my grandson's bar mitzvah luncheon. It was going to be dairy, etc. today was the day and it was fabulous, but the kids who attended hardly ate anything besides the desserts, so if I were doing this again I wouldn't plan on making an adult portion for a kid. I had lots of leftovers. Best thing about that is that I got to send some folks home with stuff that they loved. Someone I've known for years (one of my son's contemporaries) said she didn't know I could cook like that.

I put some curry, not a lot, just a little into the egg salad. Only one person (my brother) asked me if there were curry in it.

Several people didn't come at the last minute, and even though there were lots of leftovers, I'd rather have it that way than too little. I've never made too little.

Now to read and rest.
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