Braised Veal Shoulder

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chez suz

Senior Cook
Sep 19, 2004
Easy recipe...but lots of flavor
1 Veal Shoulder
chopped onion
chopped celery
chopped carrot
several smashed cloves of garlic
sprig of Rosemary
1 heaping TBS tomato paste
white wine

Pre heat oven to 350

Dust meat w/flour, salt and pepper..brown all over in vege oil
Remove meat
Add chopped vege and garlic
Saute until translucent
Add tomato paste...stir approx 1 min
Add Rosemary Sprig
Add about 1C white wine..bring to a boil
Place roast bk in pot.
Cover and place in oven until fork tender.
Remove meat..get fat out of sauce....
Slice meat and serve...
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