Brie Stuffed Burger

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Master Chef
Sep 17, 2009
Newark, OH & Indian River, MI
I spent this past Monday watching several episodes of Guy Fieri's, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and there were loads of stuffed burgers so I had to do my own. I stuffed them with an herb brie cheese. The only other item on the burger is Reverend Marvin's sauteed onions, slice some onion, put it in a tin pan with butter and Reverend Marvin's sauce, put them on the fire while the burgers were cooking ... killer ... try it, you'll like it!

I did the onion/Re Marvin thing last night to top off a burger and it was great. However, I have to self report that I violated The Prime Directive and failed to take pics. Now I have to repeat. Dang.
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