Brussel sprouts?

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Apr 9, 2004
HI ,,, Who likes BRUSSEL SPROUTS only askin as me and family love um just cooked , But do you like um ? :D or can,t you stand um :shock: or what do you do with them ??????
I like them if they are small and sweet. I've had some that were kind of bitter--didn't like those!

:) Barbara
When I was a kid we were brought up that we had to eat all our vegetables. My mum always set a good example.....but I could never work out why her brussel sprouts were so tiny. She could swallow them whole! It wasn't until I was much older that I caught her peeling the little critters so they were the size of a marble! She hated them, and I don't care for them much either!

In England they are very traditional at Christmas and I tolerate them then, just steamed so they are barely cooked.
But I found an excellent recipe for them where you quartered them and sauteed them in a light oil or butter then drizzled some balsamic vinegar on them....yum!

I think we need a drooling smiley!
I love the darn things as long as they are fresh and small. One of my favorie recipes is to toss them with olive oil, a little gorgonzola dolce and some toasted pecans.
Haven't tried it but I do recall a friend of mine saying if you tempura fry them they are great. Of course I am of the belief that if you deep fry a shoe it will taste great so if anyone tries deep fried brussel sprouts let us know how they are. Maybe with a chipotle/mayo dipping sauce sounds good.

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