Cajun boiled peanuts

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Jun 1, 2004
Hueytown, Alabama

2 pounds fresh raw peanuts in shells (available in many supermarkets
in the fall)
3 tablespoons salt or to taste
Zatarain's Crab & Shrimp Boil
1 tablespoon ground red pepper (optional)
1 cup sliced jalapeno peppers (optional)

Wash peanuts well. Place them in a huge cast iron pot or a large
pot. Pour in enough water to almost fill the pot. Add salt and stir.
Cover and cook over high heat. Bring to a rolling boil. Add one bag
of Zatarain's Crab & Shrimp Boil. Use 1 bag per 2 pounds of peanuts.
If you want them a little more spicy, add the tablespoon of ground
red pepper. If you want the peanuts hot and spicy, add the 1 cup of
sliced jalapeno peppers. Reduce heat only enough to prevent water
from boiling over. Add water as needed to keep peanuts under water.
When adding water, increase heat to high until peanuts are boiling
again. Boil for 3 1/2 to 4 hours. Test to see if they're done by
spooning out a peanut, cooling briefly, opening the shell and biting
into one. Boiled peanuts should be soft, not crunchy or hard. Drain,
rinse well and cool slightly before serving.

Store in plastic bags in refrigerator or freezer.

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