Canned Smoked Pork Butt

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Sous Chef
Nov 23, 2008
A Hollar in Northern Iowa
We really like canned pork, makes some tastey an easy meals, so I wanted to try somethin a bit different. I smoked a butt yesterday an pulled it at 170° an refrigerated it.

I then cubbed it, warmed it up in the oven an pressure canned it! Smells really good! Will find out next weekend!


I'm gonna post a step by step on our blog fer the folks who be interested. It'll be just a bit there, gotta go to the hospital (yuck) an see my sister, she had a knee replacement.
Well I bet that come out real tasty there Hillbilly. Might could sell it to the Army and have em pack it in rations. Seems like I eat some stuff like that which the grandmother of a native Americkan injun peeples use to get from his Granny up in Okiehoma. It come with a little roll of toilet paper and a few smokes. Purty good chow. Now it come in a metal can..guessing to prevent breakage etc. Now the crackers they had was wild. Had the texture of a dominoe sorta. Now an old tanker buddy who served with Patton during the Big War always say a favorite treat on the tank crew was canned bacon. Might want to add that one to the arsenal whilst your fiddling around with it. Just trying to cover all the bases here. Great job.

Never had canned pork in the U.S.A. only in Vietnam. Can you post how to can this tasty morsel?I Remember eating pork slices in c-rations many days and nights....Roger
ScottyDaQ said:
What's the liquid?

Water an a non salted seasonin which contains: onion, pepper, parsley, celery seed, ginger, basil bay, marjoram, oregano, bell pepper, garlic & orange, lemon peel.

Bring that to a boil an add ta the jars a meat before cannin.
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