Canning today 2023 Part I

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Nov 21, 2018
Woodbury, NJ
I don't know how many of the canners here have Ollie's stores in your area, but the ad I just got for mine has a dozen 12 oz Ball jars for $6.99. I almost never see that size around here, and when I do, they cost more than the larger sizes! More of a gift size, but I thought maybe someone would find this useful, if the stores are near you. It's the first item in the ad - usually I just glance at it, and into recyclables it goes, but occasionally they have deals.
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Ollie's buys their inventory from stores/retailers that are in the throes of bankruptcy.
stuff in one store will not be "everywhere" - stuff there 'today' will not be there next week.
I've never heard of Ollie's my whole life until my wife pointed one out to me near Baltimore this past weekend. My wife Crochets a lot, and people she knows in one of her forums gets yarn very cheap there. Ever since she pointed it out to me, I've heard of ollie's 3 more times Fromm 3 different sources. Strange how that works . Never been in one.
Our Ollie's is named Big Lots. I have not been there since they changed the location. It was a fun store until they started stocking weird grocery items and furniture. And I'm not driving 20 miles for a look see.
We have Big Lots around here, too, and similar, in that they buy out places going out of business,, and things that companies stopped producing, because they don't sell well, or whatever. I haven't seen as many good deals at Big Lots, but they also don't advertise as much, at least around here.
My son actually used to work at Big lots years ago. We benefited from his employee discount.
I worked at Big Lots decades ago. I have a nice scar on my arm to remember it by, courtesy of a razor thing I was using to open cardboard boxes that slipped ? It was the first time I realized that human fat looks just like chicken fat ?
I went and got 3 dozen of those 12 oz jars today, and get this - next to them were 4 oz jars, and those are being sold for $10.99/dozen! I realize that some people are stupid, and just grab things without looking, but I had to laugh at this.
@pepperhead212, I really like the 12 oz jars for hot sauce, brown sauce, and they would work well for pickled asparagus. They take up less room on the door of the fridge than a pint.
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