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Frank 2022

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Aug 21, 2010
Northeast, Pa.
You can can things without all that fancy equipment. Just steralize the
jars like you would a baby bottle, add salt, vinegar and pickling spice or
whatever spices you want. I fill to 1/4 inch from the top then pour hot
melted wax on the remaining 1/4 inch. This insures no air will enter the
canning jar. The wax will stay on the top and not enter the product.

Frank 2022
My mom used to use wax on her jams and jellies when I was growing up.
I don't think it is an approved method given canning jars/lids/rings and recent approved methods, though, none of us died from it--unless I had an older sibling I've not heard about (joke).
Where's McNerd when you need him?
The use of paraffin wax for sealing has been outdated and considered unsafe for many years and is not recommended. There is no guarantee it totally seals.
National Center for Home Food Preservation | How Do I?

The same goes for pre-sterilizing jars/lids, which really doesn't work since they are no longer "sterile" as soon as exposed to the air, utensils, etc. Processing times needs to be a minimum of 10 minutes however for proper sterilization during the processing cycle. This is only an issue for older jam-jelly recipes that process only for 5 minutes.
McNerd, so do you see how needed you are? Where would we be without you? :chef:
It's not just the bacteria that needs air (aerobic) that you have to worry about, but the bacteria that lives without air (anaerobic) that's even more dangerous. Safety in canning isn't all that expensive or time consuming, and easier and cheaper than a visit to the emergency room.
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