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Found a great book in the library yesterday about planking. It's called Sticks & Stones by Ted Reader and Kathleen Sloan. It has some wonderful recipes for planking, slab cooking, and using "different" items for flavor (Hay-wrapped steak and pine needle oysters, for example). Good stuff, check it out!
Raine said:
Call around to the different hardware or lumber yards and ask for untreated cedar.

Locally, (NW Oregon Coast) Western Red Cedar is used in shakes, shingles for siding and roofing. To the best of my knowledge -- which is pretty knowledgable -- these products are untreated.

Cedar is natually water and rot resistant and doesn't typically get treated with chemicals. However, nonetheless . . . cedar roofing is highly flammable, and so cedar roofing material may have a flame retardant applied.

It would be wise to ask.

But cedar shakes and shingles should be available at most of the more "up scale" home building sites. Ask the contractor if you can sort through their scrap piles.
1st time planker

Hey all, first time planker and I decided to do it on a whim, I am a real novice bbq'r but love to try new things. I am using a cedar plank and doing drumsticks, mainly cause that is the only thing I have in the house right now. What is a good way of doing this, I was originally going to do it without any sauce or seasoning but would like to hear some better ways.

Wow! What an informative thread. Pricey too......I just ordered the book from Amazon and am going to sweet talk my DH to cut me some apple and maple planks tonight. Actually the book was only $8.00 with S&H. Not bad. Please explain what will happen if I do this in the oven? I don't want to stand out in the November winds!

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