Cheese comes from macaroni and honey comes from bears???

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Jan 24, 2010
do you guys watch food revolution? most all of those high school kids don't have a clue. these are the people that will be running our businesses and country within the next 15 years.
Is it any wonder when so many of us are removed from the food process chain. In the past, most people lived on farms where they grew their own food both plant and animal. A person grew up watching hogs, cows and chickens get slaughtered and butchered and prepared for cooking as well as planting gardens and fields of vegetables. Now, most people go to the grocery store where the meat is displayed in nice sanitary packages, vegetables are neatly stacked in bins and how they got there is not an issue. I remember watching Grandma pick a chicken out of the flock, beheading it and plucking the feathers for Sunday dinner. I never understood how she could do that. She said she didn't like it but it was just something you had to do.

It is sad that the 'entitled generation' (that's what Dr. Phil called today's generation of kids the other day) doesn't know that you can plant the seed, etc. I have several friends with kids. We don't have kids. Usually (we didn't do it this year) we invite them out to help plant a plot of the garden (we set aside a section for the kids). Then in July and August, we invite them out again to pick what they planted. We usually send the kids home in May with a tomato plant, some bean plants, and an herb or two so the kids can put those in at home in and watch the plants grow. In March, we invite them out to help collect the maple sap and send them home with sap to evap. I've also invited these same kids to friends' farms where there are cows, pigs, chickens.
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I reckon that living in a rural area has some distinct advantages as well as some disadvantages. My kids (and most of the other kids and adults in this area) have no illusions about how food gets to the store. While we no longer raise hogs and chickens, they know what the process involves. It is a good thing to try and teach folks about things like this.
if olive oil comes from pressing olives, and peanut oil from peanuts, where does baby oil come from? :blink:

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