Chicken and bacon and more chicken and pasta

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Jul 5, 2005
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Cooked inside tonight but thought I would share some pictures. I had some bacon from the weekend and wrapped up some chicken. It is rubbed with brown sugar,garlic, onion and turmeric . It was not great but has potential. Bacon made that better.
Rubbed and ready.

Wrappped and readyer

Done and looking good.

Served with Spinach and some chicken and pasta salad from this weekends chicken.

Smokey Lew, I was shooting for something different but it was not different and good, just different. First thing I would not have put salt in the rub as the bacon and the salt in the rub made it a bit salty. Besides that I am thinking it needed ginger and some bite like cayenne.

The rub I made was as follows;
1 tsp Maple Sugar (could not even tell, would use brown sugar next time and more of it)
1 tsp granulated garlic (could cut this in half)
1 tsp onion powder
2 tsp turmeric (I love this stuff and would add more)
1 tsp flake sea salt

Also I think next time I will use boneless chicken and stuff some cheese inside as well as some fresh sage under the bacon.
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