Chicken, Corn Bread and sausage stuffing

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Jul 5, 2005
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Corn bread and pork sausage stuffing.

Maybe 6 or 8 cups old corn bread. Cut it into small chunks before it gets too dry and then let it dry out until hard.

1 lb pork sausage. Buy good sausage.

3 stalks celery diced small

1 Red Bell Pepper diced small

1 onion diced small

Handful chopped flat parsley

About a cup or so of chopped pecans

About 2 cups chicken stock with a about a teaspoon of ground black Pepper

Cook the sausage and crumble as you go. Remove from pan but leave the pork fat in the skillet. Sautee the Celery, Red Bell and Onion until soft and a bit brown in the pork grease. Add the parsley and pecans. Add the old corn bread and toss while adding the chicken stock until it soaks up the stock. Stuff it in a chicken or a turkey and cook however you want to. I put mine on the grill.




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