Persian Sosis Bandari Recipe

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Apr 7, 2024
Bandari Sausage is an excellent combination of fried sausage with tomato paste, onion, black pepper, turmeric, and red pepper, which is fried in a special way and served with special breads.

onion: 1 medium
Meat Sausage : 3 pcs
Tomato paste: 3 tsp
Black pepper, Red pepper : as needed
Turmeric powder : 1 tsp

First, chop the onion into rings. Then fry in a pan with spices until golden. After that, the tomato paste is fried in a little oil to create an excellent red color.
Cut the sausages as desired and fry them with a mixture of onions and spices.
Add the roasted tomato paste to the sausage and onion mixture.
All the ingredients that were fried together, at the end, add half a glass of water to the mixture and cover the pan and let the ingredients cook together.
After 5 minutes, our port sausage is ready.
You can eat with bread with ghat, tomato and salted cucumber.
The greens are also raw parsley and coriander for the inside of the sandwich.


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