Chicken wings ways of cooking?

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Nov 18, 2003

I have a question. I usually fry my wings first and coat them afterwards with sauce. it works...they are crispy , well done and have flavour....BUT they are always sticky from the sauce. Now, I have been to different places, that serve flavoured wings, and they have always some wings, that are flavoured but there is no sticky sauce. How do I get the flavour in there without marinading them for hours or baking them for over half an hour? When I make wings, I also make different kinds, so I don't want the frying-oil to pick up the taste of different please help me...anyone!




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Feb 21, 2002
North Carolina
Hi cody,

Without doing some kind of search my gut response is to say you are going to have to marinate them or cook them in something that will be "messy". And I can't imagine you could cook them less than 30 minutes in the oven.

Those wings without the sticky sauce I would imagine have been marinating for quite awhile - maybe in a citrus juice with spices and herbs, or some kind of Asian concoction.

Iron Chef may know of something that will solve your problem. I'll send him a private message to get his attention. Sorry I was no help and now that you've asked this question, I'd like to know the answer too! 8)


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May 11, 2003
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a quick and easy solution would be to heavily season the flour you are using to coat the wings in. this is a good method because you can make a lot of different combinations. cooking wise, you will have to deep fry them so this isn't a good alternative if you are trying to eat healthy. you don't have to worry about the flavor from the flour changing the taste of the oil too much unless you are literally cooking hundreds of wings. The important thing is to use a large deep fat fryer. This will enable you to cook more wings at a shorter time because you won't be bringing the oil temperature down when you use a large amount. for the seasoning, you can go to any supermarket and pick up pre-mixed ones, are you can be creative and make your own.

another alternative is to use the spice mixtures as a dry rub. then you can grill, pan fry, oven roast, or whatever you want to with the wings. because from your post it appears that you do not want any type of sauce or marinade, you are going to be pretty much only using dried spices or herbs.
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