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Jun 26, 2021
Parma, Ohio
I only knew two with the recipe. This was sorta Chinese I guess, it used their vegetables, those sprouts, water chestnut, mushrooms, a few other things that I need help remembering. Which is why I am asking...

We made this with beef, pork, chicken. Sometimes beef and pork, had a piece of each that were too small to really do anything with, and it turned out great.

One time we each had changed jobs and we ran out of money. We are/were not the unemployed type, but once in a while, and yes, just quit because you're tired of it. Anyway, we were already working again but had to wait for the paycheck. We had the money for the house payment, cars got gas, whatever. Or we could go get food. We decided to make the payment and suffer.

So we are sitting there and just pretty much nothing and I opened the freezer and started rooting through the junk, and it was. But in the back, I mean WAY in the back, actually stuck to the back of the freezer, was some CHICKEN !

Anyway, we ate it over rice usually, and/or had those crunchy noodles. Not sure if we had either that day. I quit taking the rice, opting for the crunchies.

Don't get me wrong, this is not that much nostalgia to me. I just think it is a good option for a day like, whatever, no excitement.

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