Cod & Haddock comparing

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Feb 16, 2013
Waterdown, Ontario
As I can never remember the taste differences between Cod, Haddock and Halibut, I decided it was time to do side by side comparisons. It wasn't until I was in my 30's I started tasting fish a little bit.
Unfortunately I couldn't find some frozen Halibut at the same time as the others - I figured if I keep putting it off I'll never get around to finally figuring it out.
So I bought 2 packages of individual frozen fillet, one Cod and other Haddock.

Question: I am going to cook one of each fillet at the same time, how best should I go about it to truly taste a difference??

I know, I know, Halibut should really be there but I will go ahead with these two - see which I like best. Then when I get some Halibut I can compare it having gotten the other two under my belt.
I may even forego Halibut because of the expense but it would be nice to know which I really prefer.
I would keep the seasoning very simple so you can really taste the difference. Are the fillets about the same thickness? If so, just salt and pepper them and pan-fry in butter or oil. You can make a sauce to eat with them once you've done the comparative tasting.
I live in the epicenter of Cod and Haddock. They are pretty much indistinguishable to me. And ive eaten them fresh for 40+ years. Haddock is thinner, so they cook differently. Apparently, there is now a Haddock shortage so its gotten way more expensive, since fishing for it is limited.

Halibut is very different, primarily in texture. Also, at least here, quite pricy.
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I think that may be why I've usually gone for Cod. Being thicker, to my way of thinking, actually makes it easier to cook.

Yeah, Halibut is almost double the price of Haddock here too.
Thanks, appreciate the input!
I am actually asking about taste comparence, hence the question on cooking.
Of course, taste is subjective so I can only go on my own experience.
Cod and haddock are closely related fish. Halibut isn't. It's a large to huge flatfish.
I figure cod and haddock will taste a lot more like each other than either one will taste like halibut. Sorry I didn't make that clear with the first post.
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