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Jul 14, 2004
I just learned this trick the other day and thought it was brilliant. I was wondering if you guys have heard of this before. I think I saw this on Sara's show.

If you need to drizzle oil into the food processor like you would for making pesto, you can just pout all the oil all at once into the plunger that goes in the feed tube. Just about all of them have a small hole in the bottom. The oil automatically drizzles into the bowl.
That IS brilliant! I just checked my Cuisinart, which doesn't have a hole. But it certainly would be worth the careful effort to drill one...
Another good reason to have at least one hole in the plunger of your food processor is this:

When you're grating cheese, place some cornstarch into the plunger. Start pushing the cheese through the hopper. When it starts to stick, lift the plunger up a bit and knock it back and forth, releasing some of the cornstarch. This will keep the cheese from sticking, and it also helps keep the grated stuff from sticking to itself.
With pleasure and all contentment, I report a successful penetration with a 1/8" bit, using my Makita. Twas done in less than five seconds around nine o'clock this evening under the influence of the first Laphroaig. And the bonus is the cornstarch idea. (Thanks, Allen!)
Hole in the FP Plunger/Cornstarch idea

I have seen the hole in my Cuisinart FP many times and figured it must be there for a reason, but never thought to test it out...I LOVE the idea of adding cornstarch when grating cheese and am going to test it out today when I grate some mozzarella for my lasagnas. Thanks for the tips!
Cornstarch Trick!

Well, I gave it a try with the mozzarella and it worked wonderfully! Usually I end up with some of the mozzarella balling up and rolling around the top of the blade. It didn't happen this time.

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