cube steak/ country style steak recipe?

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Captain Morgan

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Jan 18, 2005
Myrtle Beach
This was my favorite meal from my mother. The old electric skillet,
floured cube steaks simmering in their own gravy with sliced onions...

seems simple enough....anyone got a good recipe/technique?
There's a Good Eats episode on cube steak that has a few varieties.
I bought a needler for them, but I haven't used it yet.
My Granny made a killer version of the stuff which was commonly called smothered steak. Seem to recall she browned it on the stove top then made a brown gravy from the pan drippings..added the steak back to the gravy and moved it to the oven to finish with a lid on it. More along the lines of Swiss Steak w/o all the veggies. Do think it may have had a few onywans in it. The recipe at the link below is real close to how she did it cept it calls for bacon which I don't recall being in hers..but she was most likely frying it up in bacon grease which should give it a similar flavor profile. ... eak-241204


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