Dehydrating Tomatoes

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Jan 24, 2007
near Abilene ,TX
I made a change this year in dehydrating my tomatoes and everyone loves them...thought I would share so you can try them and see for yourself. I mix canning salt, coarse black pepper, and finely crushed dry basil together. After slicing my tomatoes, I sprinkle this mixture over the tomatoes and then dehydrate them. We crumble up the dehyrated tomatoes over lettuce in the winter for salads, then top with dressing, but my friends reach for the jar by the door when they visit..they love to snack on them...they are adicting....
I dehydrated san marzano tomatoes this year. I cut them in half lengthwise and dehydrate for around 9 - 12 hours depending on how full the dehydrator is. They stay bright red and I keep them in bags in the freezer.
tip: If you dehydrate them too long they will start to go from bright red to reddish brown, almost a slightly burnt flavor.
tip: You can take the dried tomatoes and pulse them in a processor to a powder and it them to thicken chili and stews and soups.
Those sound great Granny! I do the same thing, but use different herbs and spices each time. The only thing I do differently than you is a drizzle just a touch of olive oil on them before I sprinkle anything on. Either way works though and you are sure to end up with something delicious.

Mine never make it to cooked dishes. They get eaten as a snack long before we can ever cook with them :)

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