What are you dehydrating today?

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What do you think will happen?
I think what will happen, is that someone like me that eats 200-300 grams of carbs per day for the last 5 years will be full of energy and health. That's how I lost all my excess weight and I weigh 127 and am 5'6 and 3/4 inches tall. My joint pains went away. I was prediabetic and went to normal, and have stayed normal. My sleep improved incredibly. My daily energy is great. I had all kinds of digestive issues and skin issues, they are gone. My hair grows faster and our teeth are so clean with such healthy gums the dentist raves about it every time we go in. So that's what I think will happen if most of what a person eats is carbs. Whole food plant based worked wonders for me and my husband.

Back to dehydrating. We sliced up more of the reduced produce bananas, $1/bag of about 4.5 lbs each, 4 bags. 9 trays of banana chips in the dehydrator.
Various healthy diets have differing "rules". If someone is eating a more ordinary diet, then excess carbs are probably going to be a problem. Excess fat will be a problem with many eating styles/diets. But, for someone eating a low carb diet, lots of fat can be healthy. So, the rest of the diet is very relevant when discussing what is or isn't healthy. Most diabetics are not following a plant based diet, so those exceptions for carb and sugar levels don't apply to them.
Filled 3 and 1/2 quart jars with banana chips. There was just one bag of bananas left to dehydrate. Today there was another batch of 99 cent/bags of bananas so now we have 4 bags, enough to fill the dehydrator again. We do eat them almost every day.

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