Didn't anyone eat supper tonight? 11/8

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Jan 16, 2016
Puget Sound, WA
I'm just going in circles. First, I never got to the store again today (long story). So I thawed the hamburger and decided to have a couple of patties. Then I realized I was out of cat food again. So yay for the cat. At 6pm I decided to go to Safeway, pick up some cat food and hamburger buns, then changed my mind and decided to get some milk instead and make meatloaf. I got some scalloped potatoes while I was there too. Got home and - no eggs. I was going to try for meatloaf without an egg in it but I didn't walk in the door until 7pm, which would have put the meatloaf coming out of the oven after 8, and that's too late for my acid reflux.

So the upshot of all this is, the cat will eat good and I'm eating the scalloped potatoes tonight. Then I'm going to bed early and actually going to shop tomorrow morning. Watch me forget the eggs.

Here's hoping you guys did better than me today.
We had shrimp with shallots, garlic and marinated artichoke hearts in a butter sauce over pasta.

Photo - 1.jpeg
the 2nd night of tuna fish from the can with mayo and pickle relish.
fennel salad with craisins which was leftover from the weekend.
i crisped some corn chips in the toaster which was fantastic!
Your food all sounds so good. I ate a couple bites of the potatoes I bought and that was it. I generally hate to toss food, but that was so bad, I threw away what I was eating and the other untouched potato. Finished supper by eating potato chips and the last biscuit from the day before.

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