Digorno Loaded Ultra Thin Crust Carnivore Pizza review...

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Nov 8, 2004

I am not going to say this is brand new but a local grocery store had this on sale with shoppers card for 3.99.

Regular price was around 7.99 for it.

I will fully say this this is a ultra thin crust pizza for sure.

I will also say it was fully loaded with toppings.

I cooked it to the directions on the box and tried it.

The overall flavor here was not bad at all. A tasty pizza for sure.

I will give this a big thumbs up and certainly a try if you like ultra thin crust pizza.

Another vote for DiGiorno thin crust frozen pizza, when it’s on sale. 🤭

My recent $3.99 choice was the thin crust supreme.

I can’t bring myself to bake it directly on the oven rack. I bake it on a sheet pan with a cooling rack.

I also bake it about ten minutes longer.

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