Dinner Friday, August 26, 2022

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Jul 21, 2009
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We had chicken. It was supposed to be done on the grill with BBQ sauce by Himself, but his foot hurt more than my ankle. I sucked it up and seasoned the chicken with a southern France blend I bought long ago. Sautéed it in butter and olive oil. Still packs a punch. Sides were steamed corn cut from the cob, a Carolina Rice blend, and the last of the veggie mix from dinner a few nights ago.

What did you have tonight?

I made an old, traditional, Danish dish. I made it once before it's called "Kylling i karry", which translates to Chicken in curry. It's not trying to be an Indian dish. It is just Danes using what was once an exotic spice, curry powder.

It had chicken, apples, onions, grated carrot, chicken stock, cream cheese, turmeric, and "strong curry". It didn't say "curry powder", so I used some Madras curry paste. It's the second time I made this. It is surprisingly good, even though the flavour takes a bite or two before it really registers fully with your tongue. I served it with brown basmati rice. I ate too much. I would have served mango chutney with this, if I could find it. I'm sure we have some ...

Kylling i karry, Danish chicken in curry.jpg Kylling i karry.jpg
all day preparing several appetizers for Saturday. Our girls and GS are coming over for a visit and an all appetizer meal. It was my idea. Now I remember why I don't do a lot of appetizers. They take a lot of effort and then there's the main course.

We had odds and ends last night.
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Last night was corn on the cob, steamed kale, oat-fruit cookies with golden raisins, peach nice-cream with plum puree/jam.

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