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Nov 1, 2004
USA, Nevada and California
I have been so impressed with the results of using ELECTROSAL in my dishwasher that I want to pass this along.

I have a Kitchen Aid dishwasher, about 3 years old. It has a stainless tub and for quite a while I wondered how they could call it "stainless". :mad:
I was using Cascade powder and/or liquid, Palmolive liquid and some other dishwasher detergents both powder and liquid.
Not only the interior of the dishwasher, but my glasses and other items had a soap scum (for lack of a better term) film that I had to do the vinegar scrub on occasionally. I even used Lime Away on the tub.

I started using ELECTRASOL about 2 months ago and the film build up has completely disappeared:LOL: from the tub and the glassware.

I have used both the powder and the tablets. I prefer the tablets, I don't spill powder all over the place.

If you are having trouble with soap deposits, I would recommend giving the ELECTRASOL try.

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