Do Apples absorb syrup over time?

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Nov 9, 2023
I have canned before but am new to canning diced apples. Do apples absorb syrup over time? I have some cans that the syrup seems to be disappearing. The button’s haven’t popped but I wasn’t sure if they’re somehow leaking or evaporating. They had liquid when I put them up, just double checking
If any of the jars become unsealed or if when you open them there is no noise of a vacuum, then some fermentation or rotting has occurred. They are probably fine if the seal is fine.

Apple are porous and if they are only briefly cooked there is air in the apples causing them to float. As the liquid seeps into the pores the air comes out. So they will be more 'water logged' as they sit in the syrup or water. The jar will appear to have more air space and less apples/syrup.

If you store your jars without the rings, you'll notice if the tops become unsealed. They sound fine to me with a little more air and less apples/syrup.
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